How do you sleep? How much you sleep?

How do you sleep? No matter how much you think is enough of sleep for your body, it’s better to know your rate and needs. Did you know that lack of sleep leads to chronic and even mental illness? Of course, not always you have opportunity to sleep as much as you want or as you want. Leck time, stress, worries — all of that can easily unsettle and disrupt the body’s most important process. There are people who say that no matter how much they may have slept (even three hours), they can convince their body that it is enough for today. And they really can be cheerful all day. Others, even with 8 hours of rest it is impossible to feel energetic. A third, suffer from insomnia, which brings hallucinations in a week without sleep. This is generally a very individual thing, but at the same time it is clear that you must reboot all systems of your body every night, just when it produces all the necessary material for its normal functioning.
What distracts you and annoying while you asleep?
Do you see dreams?
How much you sleep?


  • robermonas

    You do not get a good sleep if you are over-exposed to artificial light. Remove extra light sources from your bedroom or cover them up before bed.
    You do not get good sleep either if you go to sleep angry. Resolve any issue with your partner instead of stewing silently as you tern out the lights.

  • ena02

    Good night’s sleep would happen if people feel comfortable. Limits maximum effect control to rest. Quality sleep should be balanced with the quantity

  • apofiiss

    I always try to have a good sleep — at least seven hours, at the weekends I can sleep even more — eight or nine hours, but i think that is too much for me. Sometimes even five or six hours is enough for me, especially if I go to bed at 9 or 10 p.m

  • elena1309

    Я сова, сон сдвинут, но занимает обычно 6, 7 часов. Ложусь не раньше 3 часов ночи и не позднее 6. В другое время мне трудно заснуть. Сижу в интернете и пытаюсь заработать сатоши или центы на зарубежных сайтах. Резкие звуки пугают, а под телевизор отлично засыпаю. Сны снятся очень редко и обычно вещие.

  • alex19572

    В мои 60 какой уже сон!Сплю мало больше времени по крайней мере в зимний период провожу за компьютером занимаюсь подработкой в различных проектах включая и этот.В основном зарабатываем сатоши!

  • kii56

    Сплю 6-8 часов. Иногда бывает трудно заснуть и на другой день чувствуешь себя разбитой. Музыка и телевизор не мешают.

  • honzix

    I think that 6 hours of sleeping is enough. But sometimes you need a longer sleep, about 8 hours, ideally at the weekend.

  • jotham

    I sleep at most 6 hours every day. And I must wake up after 3 or 4 hours into the sleep. after which I wake up and complete the remaining 3 or 2 hours left. I also feel sleepy at 12 noon or 1 pm.

  • zarumniy

    мне проще армия научила спать чутко, но избирательно — например музыка, телевизор или просто голоса меня не волнуют а вот повышенные тона или резкие звуки заставляют просыпаться.
    Сны вижу редко и не запоминаю их вообще.

  • Seunz

    I sleep for eight hours everyday, but I feel it is not enough, what can I do I am a very busy person, rebooting the system is essential for humans, of course I dream and I hate snoring.

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