How to avoid the obsessive Assistant?

How not to attract the attention of a sales assistant?
We do not always need the help of a consultant, while just having crossed the threshold of the shop.
Sometimes they just distract our concentration.
So how to avoid the obsessive Assistant?


  • watsonbill

    I always say that I am just browsing for nothing in particular. They go away then and leave you in peace.

    They are only useful when you cant find the item you are looking for.

  • apofiiss

    This is the consultants’ job to ‘help’ people. they earn money for being obsessive. I think that people who need assistants can ask them for help themselves. If you don’t need the help and you can make your choice on your own just tell this to the assistant. If he or she is very persistent you can tell this to the manager of the shop — this will definitely help you to solve you the problem.

  • romanboyko

    Nice solution I see when I have a vocation in Japane. You go to some kind of store or magazine, grab a basket/cart etc. Typical you said… But this little moment has a wonderful idea! Every cart has a two diff. colors: blue — you need assistans, or green — when consultant shouldn’t disturbed you. So its really nice to be shopping out)

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